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Chatham House - Pa'gan Amum, Chief Negotiator of South Sudan: Perspectives on the Sudan, South Sudan


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Conor Duffy - Calls for Sudan sanctions after refusal of peacekeepers


WHO podcast 023: Better Access to Health Products, Diabetes and Polio in Sudan

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The Online NewsHour with Jim Lehrer - War Crimes Charges Raise Questions on Next Steps for Sudan's B

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Christopher Lydon - December 1, 2005 "Genocide in Sudan"

Geremew Hailu Khartoom Sudan - Yabyot Wursoch

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Jay Spaulding on the History of the the Darfur Region of Sudan (part 1)

BBC World Service - Witness: Lost Boys of Sudan

Gruppe der Waza Spieler beim Fest zur Beschneidung eines Jungen in Mitajolo, Quessan, Sudan (1983, S

Gruppe der Waza Spieler beim Fest zur Beschneidung eines Jungen in Mitajolo, Quessan, Sudan (1983, S

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