The Officer

Officer (2001) - Pari Hoon Main

Officer (2001) - Kaisa Sama

Officer (2001) - Phoolon Se Rang

Officer (2001) - Na Jaane Kyon

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Don't Break My Heart

Me vs hero - What seems to be the officer problem

Na Jane Kyon (Sad)

Na Jane Kyon

Ek Yaar Manga Tha

Kaisa Sama

Phoolon Se Rang Dariya Se

Pari Hoon Main

Ek Yaar Manga Tha

Na Jaane Kyon

Phoolon Se Rang

Pari Hoon Main

Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III - 09 - Mrs. Officer Feat. Bobby Val

Sharab Ka Sahara Le Ke

Aaja Rasiya More Man Basiya

Aja Rasiya More Man Basiya

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Back Marti Hai - Mohammad Aziz, Chorus

Nashili Hawa Hain

Kaan Main Jhumke

Back Marti Hai Mohammad Aziz Chorus

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