Jajabor Roadies X Theme

The MTV Roadies Theme

Agnee (feat. Raghu) Manmaani (Roadies 9 Theme Song)

Agnee - The Mtv Roadies Theme

Roadies 6 Candidate without weakness

Fulltoo chutiyapa in Pakistani Roadies(very funny)

Roadies 6 Girls lack common sense (Ep.2 911)

Roadies 6 Hell Down Under Delhi auditions (57)

First Look of Roadies X2

Roadies 6 Hell Down Under Delhi auditions (67)

Roadies 6 Sunny told to do funny acts

Roadies 5 Slap to win (Ep 15 78)

Roadies 6 Back to India (Ep 13.1 110)


Roadies X1 Chandigarh Audition Leaked Video (The real realitywhat happens in Roadies Audition)

Nauman Audition MTV Roadies 6 Winner

Roadies 6 The girl wrestling gets dirty (Ep.6 48)

Funniest MTV Roadies Audition Devarshi

Ashutosh Audition MTV Roadies 5 Winner

Roadies 4 F grade aspirant (Ep.4 59)

Roadies 6 Hell Down Under Delhi Auditions (27)

Roadies 6 Hell Down Under Kolkata auditions (67)

Remote Majha : Raghu Rajiv left MTV Roadies

Rowdies 9 Sab Qtiyapa hai !

Roadies 4 Lover Girl Sonam (Ep.4 611)

Roadies 6 Most daring act

The Roadies X Finale Song Silsila by AGNEE

Anthony Audition MTV Roadies 4 Winner

Roadies 6 Girls indulge in crazy fight (Ep 8 410)

Most funniest audition in Pakistani RoadiesPart 2

Roadies 8 Mohits super cool performance (Ep.37 711)

Roadies 4 Anthony win Roadies 4 a true Roadie (Ep.12 1111)

now this is what roadies is about.......SURAJ....interview